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Lifting Inspection & Drop Object Survey

Lifting Inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection And Training 

Hitech Has A Team Of Highly Qualified, Experienced And LEEA Certified Inspection Engineers. Hitech Offers A Wide Range Of Services From Its Base In Oman Which Includes On-Site Testing And Inspection. 

Specific Services Include Lifting Inspection Of: 

• Lifting Accessories Including Chains, Ropes, Wire Ropes, Wedge Sockets, Snatch Block, Webbing Slings, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Round Endless Slings, Eye Bolts, Rings, Hooks, Shackles, Clamps, Beam Clamps, Swivels, Plate Clamps, Spreader Beams And Spreader Frames, Vacuum Lifting Devices. 

• Mobile Elevating Work Platform (Scissor Lift / Cherry Picker) 

• Material Hoists Or Working Platforms 

• Excavators And Earth Moving Equipment 

• Mast Climbing Work Platforms 

• Chain Blocks Or Lever Hoists

• Push / Geared Travelling Trolleys

• Hydraulic Jack

• Runway Beam & Spreader Beam

• Container

• Side Boom Pipe Layers

• Pallet Truck

• A Frame Gantries And Floor Cranes

• Man Baskets 

• Suspended Access Equipment (Window Cleaning Basket) 

• Fork Lift Truck Including Interchangeable Accessories 

• Items Provided For Support Of Lifting Equipment 

• Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Over Head Cranes, Lorry Landing Cranes & Crawler Cranes 

• Jib Cranes (Manual / Powered)

• Telehandler Including Interchangeable Accessories 

• Passenger Lifts Or Man Riding Equipments 

Lifting Operation Trainings 

• Rigger & Banks Man Training

• Safe Forklift Operation Training

• Safe Crane Operation Training

• Safe MEWP Operation Training


We provide a range of dropped object inspection services, to prevent injury to personnel and damage to offshore and onshore assets. These services are fine-tuned according to the industry best practices and in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

At Hi-Tech Inspection Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive inspection solutions to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

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