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Acoustic Emission Testing (AE)

Acoustic Emission Testing (AE)

An Extremely Versatile Method Of Inspection, AE Can Be Used Across Many Industries To Identify Flaws And Perform Condition Assessments In Equipment And Componentry Of A Variety Of Materials. Some Common Defects Identified Include:

• Corrosion

• Cracking

• Creep

• Delamination

• Fatigue

• Faults

• Fiber Fracture

• Leaks

• Stress

• Wire Breaks

• Yielding

If These Defects Go Undetected, They Can Accumulate And Grow Into Much More Substantial Damage, Risking Serious Consequences For Asset Safety And Integrity. HITECH’ AE Solutions Can Identify Small-Scale Damage As Soon As It Occurs, Creating The Opportunity For Repair And Maintenance To Be Completed Before The Risk Of Asset Failure Becomes Imminent.

Our Inspection And Monitoring Equipment Enables Our Customers To Make More Informed Maintenance Decisions On Their Assets, By Alerting Them To Which Assets Need To Be Taken Offline And Repaired Immediately, And Which Can Be Delayed Until A Scheduled Work Outage.

Benefits Of AE Inspection

As A Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technique, AE Can Be Used To Inspect Or Monitor Assets While They Remain In-Service. This Enables Our Clients To Use Our Solutions To Track Changes In Their Asset’s Condition Without Having To Shut Down Operations, Reducing Downtime And Enhancing Productivity.

Some Other Advantages Of HITECH’ Acoustic Emission Solutions Include:

• 24/7, Real-Time Monitoring

• Cost-Efficiency

• Early And Rapid Defect Detection

• Fault Discrimination

• High Fault Sensitivity

• Minimized Plant Downtime

• Optimized Inspection & Maintenance Budgeting

• Targeted Inspection Plans

Combined Technique – AE & SRUT

By Utilizing Both Techniques We Can Provide The Complete Integrity Status Of Tank Bottom & Annular Plates

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