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Aerial Inspection

Aerial Inspection

The Safe And Cost Effective Remote Aerial Inspections With High-Resolution Digital Photographs Help Refinery Customers To Make Quality Maintenance Assessments Of Their Flare Tip Condition And Service Life. Usually Inspecting Tall Or Otherwise Difficult To Reach Structures Has Traditionally Been An Expensive Exercise Requiring Cranes, Helicopters Or Rope Access Work. 

Aerial Drones Can Capture High-Resolution, High-Quality Photos And Video Of These Structures In An Economical Manner. The Live Video Feed From The Drone Directs Aerial Operators To Capture The Exact Needs With Accurate Results. Capturing Imagery From Infra-Red Cameras Or Data From Other Sensors Are Also A Possibility: Taking Air Samples Or Temperature Readings For Example.

The Unmanned Drones Are Also Able To Get Into Areas That Would Otherwise Be Too Dangerous For Live Inspection, E.G. Close-Up On Live Flame Stacks Or In Proximity To Chemical Leaks. Likewise, Because Of Their Small Scale And Quiet Operation Drones Can Operate Close To Working Sites Without Disruption. 

The Small Size And Stability Of Aerial Drones Makes It Possible To Conduct Internal Aerial Inspections Of Sites Such As Large Factories And Warehouses And Within Other Confined Locations.

Main Benefits:

1. Quick Setup And Deployment 

2. Stress-Free Inspection From The Ground 

3. Aerial Inspection Of Multiple Locations From A Single Take Off Point 

4. Live-Video Feed Enables Industry Experts To Make Decisions On The Fly 

5. High Definition Pictures Capture All The Detail, And Highlight Areas To Report And Repair 

6. Optical And Digital Zoom Available 

7. Save Money – An Inspection While The Asset Is Still Online, 4-6 Months Before A Shutdown, Will Save You Money 

8. De-Risk Planned Shutdowns And Maintenance – Have The Information To Fully Plan And Budget Shutdowns And Turnarounds 

9. No Plant Outage – With Plant Able To Stay Online And Operational During Inspection 

10. Minimum Health & Safety Issues– Small, Unmanned, Battery Operated Reduce The Need For People To Be Placed In Potentially Dangerous Locations 

11. Higher Quality Information – Technical Skill To Fly Close To Assets Lets Operators Locate And Diagnose Problems Quickly.

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