Hi-Tech Inspection Services LLC

Fitness For Service Assessment (FFS)

Fitness-for-service assessments evaluate the structural integrity of an in-service component that contains a flaw, equipment and their suitability for continuous service. An FFS assessment provides a quantitative measure of the structural integrity of a component containing flaws. It can be used to support design, fabrication, operation, change of service and life extension programmes, and is employed widely in a range of industries, including power generation, oil & gas, chemical processing and aerospace.

A flaw or defect in a component does not necessarily mean that the asset or component is no longer fit to perform its design intent. Using FFS assessments our experts can determine the suitability for continued operation thereby preventing unnecessary, or costly repair jobs. FFS assessments are performed in accordance with codes or standards, e.g. API 579-1/ASME FFS-1.