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Gun Pressure Testing Of Heat Exchanger Tubes

Gun Pressure Testing Of Heat Exchanger Tubes

Heat Exchanger Maintenance Starts With A Tube Leak Testing Tool You Can Rely On Early Tube Leak Testing And Detection In Heat Exchangers, Condensers, And Boilers Is Essential To Avoiding Costly Downtime And Unnecessary Damage To Your Equipment. 

Our Tube Testing Tools Can Quickly Detect Heat Exchanger Tube Leaks Using Less Force And Increased Operator Safety. 

Escape Of Air Due To Pressure Difference Is The Basis For This Technique. Open Ends Of The Tubes Are Closed By The Two Guns Among Them One Will Supply The Pressurized Air And The Other Will Restrict The Free Flow Of Air. This Results Pressure Builds Up Inside The Tube Which Can Be Observed Using The Pressure Gauges Attached With Both The Guns. When There Is No Leak Present, The Same Pressure Reading Can Be Observed And Drop In Pressure Gauge Reading Will Indicates The Presence Of Leaks. The Location And Other Precise Measurements Can Be Done Through Other Inspection Techniques Like RFET, MFL, Etc.

Operating Pressure

• Standard Compressed Air Supply

• 40 To 125 Psig (2.7 To 8.5 Barg)

Tube Size Range

• 0.49” – 1.11” (12.4mm – 28.2mm), 0.28” – 1.81” (7.1mm – 46.0mm)