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Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

Long Range Guided Wave UT Is Used To Rapidly Inspect Pipelines, Piping Systems, And Other Assets With Minimal Insulation Removal. LRUT Quickly Localizes Cracking And Corrosion Damage To Pinpoint And Characterize Length And Depth.

The Technology Utilizes Torsional And Longitudinal Waves To Inspect Large Sections Of Piping From One Location. Inspections Begin With A Collar Around A Pipe Section. Individual Scans, Referred To As “Shots”, Are Conducted, Reflecting Girth Welds, Corrosion, And Cracks From Fixed Reference Points.

Advantages Of Phased Array

• Long-Range Ultrasonic Make For An Effective Method In Screening Damage Without Needing To Access A Hard-To-Reach Section Of Piping. GWT Offers Key Benefits That Set It Apart From Traditional Inspection Methods, Including:

• Rapid, Safe Inspections And Data Collection With No Need For Scaffolding

• Minimal Insulation Removal Required For Insulated Pipes

• Minimal Surface Preparation Required

• Pinpointing And Characterization Of Localized Damage Length And Depth

• Solution For Cased Road Crossings And Unpiggable Pipes

• Detection Of Point Of Contact Corrosion Without Lifting Pipe, Avoiding Potential Leaks & Protecting The Environment