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Pulsed Eddy Current Testing

Pulsed Eddy Current Testing

Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) And Other Advanced Eddy Current Inspection Techniques Are Ideal Tools For Detecting Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) And Fireproofing (CUF).

Advanced Eddy Current Inspection Technology Can Help Detect Hidden Corrosion Before It Becomes A Potentially Expensive And Hazardous Problem. HITECH Utilized Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) And PEC Array (PECA) Inspection Services For Tanks, Spheres, Piping Systems, And Other Assets.

Using The PEC Inspection Technique Offers A Variety Of Benefits, Including:

• No Interference With Production. PEC Technology Can Be Applied In-Service, So There Is No Need To Empty Storage Spheres.

• No Need To Remove The Passive Fire Protection. PEC Technology Can Measure Through Up To 250 Mm Of Material Including The Reinforcement Mesh.

• Performed In Service During Plant Operation

• Accessibility Issues Are Minimized As It Can Be Used By Rope Access Operators

Benefits Of PEC Array:

• Scans Through Insulation & Fireproofing

• Inspects 100% Of The Wall Thickness

• Provides Relative Wall Thickness Measurements

• Does Not Require Surface Preparation

• Assets Can Remain In-Service During Inspections

Underwater Pulsed Eddy Current

Our Under Water PEC Probes Can Offer Complete Solution Dedicated To Providing The Most Accurate Remaining Wall Thickness Over Surface-Forming Scabs And Corrosion Blisters, Commonly Found On Offshore Assets. Our PEC Technology Detects The Smallest Defects Possible, Generating Clean And Compelling C-Scans Of Typical Scabs In Less Than A Minute. 

The Underwater PEC Probe Is Designed To Detect CUI In The Area Immediately Above And Below The Mean Water Level In Carbon Steel Structures Such As Offshore Oil And Gas Platform Legs And Risers. The Probe Can Tackle Offshore Applications Thanks To Its Rugged Design, Water Tightness To 15 M (49 Ft) In Grid – Mapping Mode, And 25 M (82 Ft) Heavy-Duty Cable. The Probe Is Also Flexible Enough To Support Metals As Thick As 76 Mm (3 In), As Well As Insulation And/Or Marine Growth Up To 203 Mm (8in) Thick.

Our Eddfyi Under Water Probes Are Designed To Tackle Offshore Applications; There Is No Need For Surface Preparation, And The Probe Assesses Remaining Ligaments While The Asset Is Online. Moreover, The Technique Provides Complete Coverage And Does Not Use Radiation, Promoting A Safer Work Environment.

Features Of PEC Underwater Probes

• Tackle Deep Offshore Applications

• Watertight Down To 100 M (330 Ft)

• Embedded Control Leds

• Supports Metal Thicknesses Up To

• 100 Mm (4 In)

• Supports Insulation/Marine Growth Up To 300 Mm (12 In) 


• 50 M (165 Ft)

• 100 M (330 Ft)