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Short Range Ultrasonic Testing (SRUT)

Short Range Ultrasonic Testing (SRUT)

Short-Range Guided Wave Is A Technique Which Uses Low Frequency Sound Waves To Flood Thin Wall Material And Then Reflect Back At Interfaces Such As Cracking Or Corrosion/Pitting. The Guided Wave Technique Is To Be Used As A Screening Tool Only As Remaining Wall Thickness Measurements Cannot Be Achieved. However, Reflection Distance Can Be Measured With Precise Accuracy.


This Technique Can Be Used For Many Different Applications, Such As

• Tank Floor Inspection Of The Annular Ring From The Chime Area,

• Vessel Inspection For Detection Of Corrosion Underneath Saddle Supports Or Other Obstructions.

• Detection For Piping Or Vessels When Access Areas Are Made To Allow Probe Scanning, 

• Corrosion On Under Pipe Support, And Many Others.

Advantages Of SRUT:

• Short Range Ultrasonic Testing (SRUT) Probes Uses Multiple Frequencies And Thus It Can Identify All Indications.

• Advanced Short-Range Guided Wave Not Only Detects Corrosion But Has Capabilities To Map And Quantify Results.

• Rapid Scanning Of Annular Rings, Under Support And Cement Walls.

• 100% Of Surface Area (Up To 1m Length) Can Be Scanned Within Single Inspection.

• Short Range Ultrasonic Testing (SRUT) Can Be Conducted On 4 To 24mm Thickness Range.

• Fully Automated Data Collection Protocols, Data Are Fully Recorded.

• Applicable For High Temperature With Special Modified Probes.

• Limited Access – Insulated Line With Minimal Insulation Removal, Corrosion Under Supports Without Need For Lifting, Inspection At Elevated Locations With Minimal Need For Scaffolding, And Inspection Of Road Crossings And Buried Pipes

Combining Technique – MFL & SRUT

By Utilizing Both Techniques We Can Provide The Complete Integrity Status Of Tank Bottom & Annular Plates.