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Tank Settlement Survey

Tank Settlement Survey

Hitech Offers Inspection And Calibration Surveys Of Tanks Of Any Size, Shape Or Design. We Survey Tanks Designed To Hold Oil And Gas Products Such As Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, LPG, Etc. As Well As Tanks Designed For Storage Of Bulk Liquids, Such As Brewery Tanks Or Solids, Such As Food Or Grain.

We Have The High-Tech Equipment And Skilled Staff To Carry Out Advanced Tank Calibration Surveys, Providing You With The Most Accurate Data Available. 

We Also Offer An Electro Optical Distance Ranging (EODR) Laser Scanning Service For Greater Speed, Safety And Lower Impact When Strapping Tanks Used For Storage.

All Of Our Tank Calibration Services Adhere To International Standards ISO Or Standards Set By API (American Petroleum Institute).

We Can Conduct Field Or Site Dimensional Measurement For Various Tank Shapes As Follows:

• Vertical Cylindrical Tank

• Horizontal Cylindrical Tank

• Spherical Tank

• Or Any Regular Volumetric Tank

Tank Structural Profile Survey Includes:

• Tank Roundness/Ovality Survey.

• Tank Plumbness/Verticality Survey.

• Tank Shell Settlement Survey.

• Tank Bottom Profile Survey.

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